Frequently asked questions

1Where do you ship?
We ship anywhere in Canada 3-5 days, upon payment received. *Please consider extra shipping time due to pandemic.
2Do you use silken tea bags?
No, Wesley Tea bags are made with 100% All Natural Corn fiber.
3Where do I buy Wesley Tea?
You can purchase Wesley Tea online. Click here
4How do I brew Wesley Tea?
Steep tea bag for 5 minutes in hot water. For an iced beverage, add ice generously to steeped tea; use 1-2 sachets for every 6-8 fl oz.
5Does the potency increase the longer I steep the tea bag?
No. Steeping the tea longer only enhances the flavour and not the potency of the cannabis tea. Add more tea bags to the cup or drop a tincture to increase potency.
6Does it matter how much water I use when steeping the tea?
No. As long as you consume the entire drink, after steeping one bag, will you consume the dosage. We recommend 8oz of water for a single tea serving.
7Can I use more than 2 sachets for my dose of Wesley Tea?
We suggest experiencing one tea bag for new users. Go low and slow and discover the effects. Although our tea is a low dose formula, we recommend 1-2 bags per serving.
8Can I split a bag of Wesley Tea with someone else?
Sharing is caring! If you want to split a dose of Wesley Tea in half, we recommend brewing a single tea bag in double the amount of water you would normally use for a cup. For optimal flavour steep the tea for longer. Before consuming, stir the tea to ensure the flavours and cannabinoids are stirred through.
9I have food allergies, can I drink Wesley Tea?
Each of our variations is made from a blend of ingredients. Please read all herbal ingredients carefully before consuming cannabis tea. The equipment used to produce Wesley Tea is dedicated to tea production, and no contaminants from other food – including nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, peanut, sesame, shellfish products, fish products, saccharomyces, or insect protein—are present.
10Can I reuse Wesley Tea bags?
No. After the tea sachet has touched water, the cannabinoid capsule contained within will dissolve, releasing the active ingredient. After the tea bag is used, discard.
11How high will I get with Wesley Tea?
  • Wesley Tea formula is designed as a low dosage edible. Each Wesley Tea bag contains up to 20mg THC, or 20mg CBD, or 10mg CBD plus 10mg THC, depending on the variation selected. Please read the label to ensure you will have the experience you desire.
  • Wesley Tea include non-psychoactive formula. Tolerance may vary between consumers. Prolonged consumption increases tolerance over time.
12Where do you get your cannabis?
Our cannabis is grown in Ontario by ACMPR licensed growers. All of our extracts are lab tested by a nationally accredited 3rd party laboratory for potency, terpenes and solvents, to ensure the health, safety, and consistency with our consumers.
13Why do you use a capsule in the teabag?
We serve vegan capsules in each of our tea bags to ensure consistent potency with every dose. Each tea bag contains the exact cannabinoid dosage. When hot water is added to the tea sachet the capsule will dissolve instantly, releasing the full dosage into the drink.
14Where do the tea ingredients come from?
  • Many of our herbal ingredients are ethically sourced and domestically grown (as much as possible). All ingredients are organically grown.
  • See the products for the list of ingredients.
15Can I drink Wesley Tea while I'm on other medication?
We advise that you consult with your physician on such matters. Please check with your doctor.
16Can I make cannabis iced tea with Wesley Tea?
Yes for sure! Steep the tea sachet in hot water, as normal, and then add ice. Depending on the amount of ice and water used, you may need to use a 2nd tea bag for enhanced flavour and potency.


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