Indica THC Infusions
January 11, 2022
1:1 CBD:THC Infusions
January 11, 2022

CBD Infusions


Wesley Tea CBD Infusions are natural, organic supplements that work to support the endocannabinoid system.

Our unique blends will transform your experience with cannabis, elevating mind, body and spirit. At 1200mg of
CBD per bottle, our infusions are highly concentrated, allowing you to feel the onset of effects within the
hour. Our CBD infusion is completely non-euphoric and excellent for pain management, calming anxiety, reducing
inflammation and promote a deeper, more restful sleep.


New Wesley Tea Infusion!

Elevate your experience anywhere with Wesley Tea Infusions!

Wesley Tea CBD Infusion is an all natural dietary supplement that provides support for the endocannabinoid system.

The highly concentrated nature of our infusion means that the onset of the effects will be felt within the hour.

Wesley Tea infusion is the product that will take your daily cannabis use to an
entirely new level.

Additional information

MCT Oil, CBD Isolate



Dosing Instructions

Customer prefers a precise dose, we make it easy with our
graduated dropper. Each of our Infusions contain 1200mg of
cannabinoids per bottle. We have created a clear and specific
dosing system, with our droppers indicating the following
1/4 dropper = 10mg select cannabinoid
1/2 dropper = 20mg select cannabinoid
1 full dropper = 40mg select cannabinoid

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